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  1. Thanks for the upload, Stephanie Alexis. Perfect length. Not too long, not too short. You’re sure to keep your audience till the end that way. The very cool thing? You captured moments at home airport. The build-up is an excitement too 🙂 Questions: Where did you start your vacation from? How long was your flight? Was there any stop-overs? How long was your vacation for? Was there a reason you decided to do it in July instead of winter? Was your vacation an all-inclusive type deal? Would you recommend the resort to a close friend? Please endeavor to answer all the questions as this is how we learn from each other. I am Canadian, and a bit new to vacation I’d say compared with a lot of people. We prefer to go away after summer as our summer back here in Ontario is awesome. In March, 2014 we did the all-inclusive Memories, Varadero, Cuba. It was my first real vacation, well after the nightmare cruise in March 2013. Nightmare because of sea-sickness. In March 2015 we did the all-inclusive Be Live Collections, Punta Cana for a week. My best vacation up till then. From February 29 this year we did the all-inclusive Royal Decameron, Panama for 2 weeks, probably my best vacation till date. We’ve had an amazing summer this year but it’s all ending as the cold is just beginning. We have booked down a one week all-inclusive Memories Freeport, bahamas from October 15. I also hope that we do a one week all-inclusive Maho Beach resort, Saint Martin in December. Thanks for sharing your moments, Stephanie Alexis 🙂

    1. Hi Mitchell! Sorry for the late response.

      So thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my video! I am from Miami so my flight was very short. Less than 2 hours. I vacationed for one week. Around the end of summer this resort closes for hurricane season which I believe was a few weeks after our trip and then it opens again. Clubmed is an all inclusive resort. I would absolutely recommend this place to a friend! I see that you travel a lot! That is awesome. I think you would love this resort.

      Happy holidays!!

  2. Hi Stephanie, is it a good place for you, i’ve got the opportunity to go there next year with my compagy for one week, do you know if the wind is good for the kite surf ?
    Best regards.
    Alban (From France)


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